I retain ALL rights to all my work, unless otherwise stated.  Simply put, if you ask me to write for your blog, magazine, etc. then the article I write whether paid for or not, is for that specified post or page.  It is not to be distributed or shared with other blogs, e-zines, magazines, books, etc without my express written permission.

Content, photographic, written or otherwise which resides on any of my blogs/websites as listed below is not to be used for any purpose without my express, written permission.  To copy said material without said permission is in violation of copyright and legal action will be sought.

I have now instituted a basic contract which protects my rights and I do not write for anyone without said signed agreement.

I, Gina Ruiz, retain my copyright to all written, spoken, video, or photographic content.

Licensees must:

  • Request my written, express permission for commercial use of my work
  • Request my written, express permission to create derivative works
  • Keep any copyright notice intact on all copies of my work
  • Link to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License from copies of the work
Licensees may not
  • Alter the terms of my Creative Commons license
  • Use technology to restrict other licensees’ lawful uses of the work
My Creative Commons license allows licensees, provided they live up to these conditions, to take the following actions:
  • Copy the work
  • Distribute it
  • Display or perform it publicly
My Creative Commons license…
  • Applies worldwide
  • Lasts for the duration of the work’s copyright
  • Is not revocable

This Acceptable Use and Copyright Statement applies to all my websites/blogs and books as well as content I write for other websites or blogs unless contractually stated otherwise.

For more information, please see the U.S. Copyright’s Office rules on Fair Use

Teller of tales, writing about the Choloverse, short stories, essays, and historical fiction. PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist 2013. Author of stories in Ban This! and Lowriting. Published poet. English major. Medievalist.

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