Dystopian landscapes have been on my mind quite a bit since the election, (don’t get me started). I considered working on a dystopic short story, but have continuously put the idea to the side.  Mainly, I have procrastinated because I have very little time on my hands. I have been busy with school, work and trying to finish my book, as well as come up with an idea for a short story in an upcoming anthology I want to submit to. Last Sunday, as I was coming home from Malibu on the 10 freeway, the sky was wild. DTLA was shrouded in cloud cover. My landscape looked like a cover for a dystopian novel. Was it a sign?

I wasn’t driving, so I took a few photos and it brought the idea of writing something dystopian to mind again. Is there too much dystopian literature out there? Is there enough Chicano dystopian literature? I don’t think so. I think I’ll have at it.

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Teller of tales, writing about East L.A., tech, mobile, and historical fiction. PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist 2013. Author of stories in Ban This! and Lowriting. Published poet. Writes a lot.