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Gina Ruiz is a Chicana author living in Los Angeles. Gina has maintained several blogs over the years, including Doña Lupe’s Kitchen, and AmoXcalli.

Gina writes short stories set in the Choloverse, a universe where cholos, aliens, ghosts, ancient Raza Cosmica, and La Migra co-exist and fight grand battles, usually set in Lincoln Park.  She is currently writing a historical fiction novel with magical realism elements. The novel is about the Mexican Revolution and includes  La Llorona as a character. She was a PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist in 2014. At the moment, she is knee-deep in researching the Mexican Revolution as well as the Knights Templars. Gina also writes essays, articles about food, recipes, book reviews, and urban fiction.

One of her speculative short stories, “Chanclas & Aliens” is included in the anthology Ban This!,  while “Lorca Green,” is in the anthology, Lowriting.  Gina has a few more short stories about characters related to those in “Chanclas” and “Lorca” on this site in the Stories section, while others are upcoming. She is also working on a set of fractured fairy tales that take place in the barrio and may or may not include characters from the Choloverse.

Gina is a member of Linkedin Journalists and Las Comadres Para Las Americas.  You can find her on Facebook,  Twitter, and LinkedIn.  An avid reader and aspiring Medievalist, she inventories her books and documents her reading on LibraryThing and Goodreads. Occasionally, she blogs on the writing process.

Teller of tales, writing about the Choloverse, short stories, essays, and historical fiction. PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist 2013. Author of stories in Ban This! and Lowriting. Published poet. English major. Medievalist.

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